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How to beat Cleopatra Slots - Game Strategies

Ancient Egypt is a fascinating country of the past centuries, history of which is surrounded by numerous legends, epics, myths, and full of admirable real historical facts. Arid deserts and majestic Nile River, the mysterious pyramids and inscrutable Sphinx, the magnificent Pantheon of gods, the oldest recordings made on fragile papyrus - Ancient Egyptian symbols allow the world to come up with the most fanciful fantasies. This country often becomes a place of exciting events in the books of famous authors. The glorified master Agatha Christie has at least three “Egyptian” novels to her credit. Mystical character shades of the country are often present in the cinematic stories. And, of course, the theme of Ancient Egypt is actively used in the online gambling industry.

Cleopatra slot games from different manufacturers

The huge interest is caused by the Queen of Egypt Cleopatra. The real historical figure is known as the most beautiful, magnificent woman of all time. At the same time, she became famous as a noble ruler, a generous strategist that can manage events and people, able to preserve and increase the wealth of Egypt. The circumstances of her life and death also are covered in numerous legends. There is nothing strange in the fact that such a mysterious person has become the main character of slot machines, created by various manufacturers.

Among the developers of modern gaming machines, we can distinguish the whole “line” of Cleopatra slots, a review of which always attract the interest of players. These slots possess brightness and mystery, beckoning glamour graphic design, spectacular sound background music. At the same time, they stand out by the great generosity and ability to bring solid gains with the use of intelligent game strategies.

Cleopatra slot machine strategy
How to pick a winning slot machine

Cleopatra slot machine review of the most popular slots

    The most well-known devices are:
  • IGT Cleopatra slot game is one of the giants of the gambling industry. This twenty-line device, despite the deliberately simple graphics, provides a relatively high chance of winning. Players distinguish the following main advantages of IGT Cleopatra slot: Cleopatra slot RTP ratio - the maximum sum reaches 10, 000 coins, an option of free spins with a multiplier of x2. An interesting fact is that the company has not limited itself to the one device of “Egyptian” themes. Video slot Cleopatra 2 by IGT became a sequel to the game. Users report improved graphics made by using 3D technology. Symbols, game functions are identical of the sequel were similar to the original version of the game.
  • “Cleopatra Jewels” by GameArt company is another brilliant representative of the line of “Egyptian” slots. Its descriptions are often located side by side with an overview of Cleopatra 2 thanks to similar advantages. Excellent video graphics, free spins and additional bonus features are the qualities valued by players. A Wild symbol is especially appealing as it portrays Cleopatra herself. Appearing on the reel, it sticks to it and triggers additional re-spins of the other four reels. This feature provides a high probability of a winning combination.
  • Cleopatra’s Gold slot machine by RTQ company. This representative of the Egyptian theme is attractive not only by 3D graphics and free spins feature but by providing a chance of getting additional bonus rounds. Moreover, the slot machine is connected to a system of a progressive jackpot. The effect of this function is triggered at random, a stunning prize can be received after any rotation. However, guided by the advice of experienced players in the Cleopatra slot machines, we can say that jackpot option is triggered more often when the slot is launched with high stakes. Additionally, unlike many other slots of this format, this device is endowed with sufficiently high multipliers.

Cleopatra slot machine free online devices are offered from much more manufacturers than mentioned above. Along with the given slots, you can point out some other popular slot machines, the main character of which is the Great Cleopatra: Cleopatra's Pyramid from WGS, Cleopatra's Coins from Rival, Cleopatra Queen of Slots and Cleopatra Last of Pharaohs by Mazooma. Each of these devices is endowed with options of free spins and bonus games.

Cleopatra slot machine tips - advice, experienced players’ strategies

In spite of the widespread belief that the algorithm of the game on the slot machines is subject to the random number generator and does not allow to develop specific strategies for winning, forums of fans are full of Cleopatra slot tips, which, according to the statement of the players, make it possible to beat devices. Gamblers regularly try to create and develop winning strategies that can bring huge profits to win the treasures of Cleopatra. Each gamer himself must decide whether they should be trusted on one hundred percent. But it still useful to familiarise with the most popular methods and techniques shared by other players. Perhaps, some recommendations will actually help increase your chances of winning with the maximum risk minimization.

So the following tactics are the most frequently mentioned strategies:

  • “Three Stars”. This technique is famous for the most simple and interesting system. The point is to perform a specific number of spins at a certain level of rates. For example, the first ten spins - one credit, next ten rotations - two credits, the next dozen - three, and so on. These numbers are given only as an example. The number of rounds and a number of bets can be specified by players themselves based on the size of their own bankroll. In the case of “empty” series of determined number of spins, the bet size is reduced in the reverse order. When planning the use this system you should establish some limitations for yourself: limit on the loss, a limit on the time spent on the game, the total number of winning spins. Upon reaching any of these limits, you should stop playing.
  • “Martingale” is a tactic that is widely known among the roulette fans. This technique involves doubling the rate after every empty spin. Cleopatra slot machine strategy itself is based on a certain logic. Indeed, the endless duration of unsuccessful rotations is impossible. The difficulty is that it's almost impossible to predict how many rotation will bring nothing due to a random number generator. This means that you should clearly monitor the maximum bet taking into account the sum on the deposit. It is important that the player had enough money on balance to make it to the winning combination.
  • “Anti-Martingale”. Obviously, this game pattern is the complete opposite of the previous strategy. It is interesting that it is also based on the technique of a roulette game and is also known as “Parlay”. The essence of the strategy lies in the two-time reduce of the bet after each empty spin.
  • ”Dead spins” is a strategy suitable only for those players who are able to control their feelings and excitement. However, the same can be said about any game strategy. The essence would be the finishing game in time if there were no winning spins during the gaming session. In fact, everything is simple. If the slot does not give the prize sequences, you just need to stop the game and change the device. There are no elements of Martingale, Anti-Martingale, other techniques in this tactic involving changing the size of bets as they remain unchangeable anyway. In this case, it is important to determine the duration of the game session. Experienced players say the best solution is from seven to fifteen spins. Thus, the smaller the number of rotations, the higher the possibility of frequent device switching. However, the longer the round, the higher the risk to reset the balance. As a result, the size of the bet and duration of the game can be specified by a player himself, based on an assessment of financial capacity.
  • “Umbrella”. Do not be embarrassed by the unpretentious name of this technique. As it clear from reviews of tactics on Cleopatra slots, the strategy refers to one of the most popular and, judging by the reviews, productive ones. Cleopatra slot strategy is not too complicated do not require exact observance. The point lies in changing the bet size in a fixed sequence in one or another direction. Conservative playing can include the following progression: five spins - one dollar, four - two, three - three, four - two, one - five coins and vice versa. Moderate and aggressive tactics are based on using a similar principle. The main difference is the ratio of the spins to their cost - reducing the number of low-cost rotations and increasing their number with enlarged rates. A good example is the following progression: 1-2-2-3-3-5-5-5-5-3-3-2-2-1.
  • “Zigzag” strategy requires changing the gaming machine regularly. This feature is among those that draw the attention of gamblers. Most gambling fans love the opportunity to experience a variety of slot machines. And this technique satisfies these queries in the best possible way. The authors of “ZigZag” strategy emphasise each slot is endowed with unique settings and its own mechanism of operating. Periodic change of slot machine allows you to cause a modification of the algorithm parameters. As a result, if you do not get the jackpot for sure, then, at least, you’ll get a solid Cleopatra slot big win.

The presented game strategies for Cleopatra slot machines and other devices are categorised as relatively moderate ones. Admirers of big bets should look at a few more “dynamic” versions of the game.

The aggressive strategy of “beating” slots is “One play”

A great chance of a big win and at the same time increased risk are distinctive features of aggressive playing techniques. However, if the budget allows and there is a great desire, you can consider using a technique “One play” - the simplest of all possible kinds. It consists in the playing with the highest possible stake. You can set it up automatically using the button “Max Bet”. A few lucky spins can bring an exceptional Cleopatra slot machine payout. But we must remember the size of losses in case of failure can be just as stunning. Before the game starts, it is essential to determine the loss limit and most importantly choose the slot machine that has highest rates of payouts.

The same principle can be used with slot machines that are connected to a system of a progressive jackpot. As statistics show, Cleopatra progressive slots can bring millions, though rarely. But gamers who play for high stakes, have more chances to get the victory. However, there are unusual exceptions. A video depicting hitting the jackpot of several million with a minimum “cent” rate has become one of the most sensational videos online.

Game “On the house”

In addition to the presented strategies, there are others, often much more real opportunities to get the win in a casino. They are provided by gaming clubs. We are talking about all kinds of bonuses. They are used for the promotion of the gambling institution in the first place. Nevertheless, they allow players to take advantage of certain benefits.

Today's online casinos offer a few basic types of bonus offers:

  • money reward or free spins. To activate these proposals it is enough to pass a simple registration process and receive the promised prize. With these options, it is important to pay attention to the terms of wagering accrued funds on slot machines. Traditionally, the precise wagering size is set by casino rules. Its parameters can vary from relatively minor indicators x3, x5 to quite a respectable size up to x40. In each case, a player should carefully consider whether the amount received worth efforts and how much it's possible to wager. Here is a concrete example. Having played twenty free spins on slot a player received a prize of 1000 coins. Casino wagering requires x20. In other words, to transfer funds from the bonus account on the real account it is necessary to bet on the total amount 1000x20 = 20 000. Here, one more term takes effect. If it is possible to meet the condition using bonus money, you can safely take advantage of the offer. The game goes completely “on the house”. If the institution demands to verify your account with real recharge, you should really count what are your chances of winning. It is necessary to highlight once again that the proposal is designed only for new players. When detecting “duplicate” account, all the accrued bonuses will be cancelled. Regular players who wish to take advantage of promotional casino offers may consider the following options.
  • Cleopatra slot machine bonus on first deposits. The size of a bonus varies between 20-100% according to the size of the deposit. Taking the casino proposal, you should pay attention to the wagering requirements.
  • free spins, cash prizes coupon. Periodically gambling institutions carry out one-time promotions, giving participants permanent special bonus codes. Such data can be found on the pages of thematic portals. By entering alphanumeric combinations in a specific field of the “Cashier” section, a player gets a prize. Before receiving the bonus, do not forget to specify the size of the wager.

Basic rules of rational playing

Despite the apparent variety of different strategies, when planning playing slot machines you should remember that no “beating” tactic doesn’t guarantee wins. Most of them are based solely on the recommendations and advice of experienced players and do not promise 100% of the positive outcome of the game. Cleopatra online slots, as any slot machines, are based on a random number generator. As a result, despite all the hopes for the miraculous strategies you should follow the simplest but very good rules of rational playing:

  • precisely evaluate own financial capabilities. It is important to distribute the balance when changing bets correctly. Small stakes are not able to bring global wins but do allow a greater number of spins. That, in turn, increases the chances to get a small premium on balance.
  • count remuneration for the generated sequence taking into account the size of the bet made on the line. Payments, the value of which is directly below the bet amount, can hardly be called “winning”. The greatest Cleopatra video slot strategy of getting good payments are brought by bonus rounds: free spins and bonus games. In the first case, all amounts won are multiplied by a certain factor, typically, x2 or x3. A successful round of free spins is often not only helps to increase the balance significantly. Analogous advantages are common to additional prize mini-games.
  • limit games. Both favourable and not very successful outcomes of gaming session can serve as these factors. The main reasons for finishing the game are triple generous payments, a certain number of rotations or timing of game duration, and, unfortunately, the maximum amount of loss. Upon reaching any “threshold” criteria, you should stop the game.

You should not try to win back the lost money under no circumstances. It is better to consider the money spent as a kind of payment for your favourite entertainment. This approach helps avoid unnecessary disappointments and hard stress when playing Cleopatra slot online. The ability to correctly calculate the financial component of the game and distinct self-control will help to stop in time and save the gain or, at least, budget stability.

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