Cleopatra's treasures are waiting for you! Rotate the reels of the best slots and enjoy fascinating games with the queen of Egypt!


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Cleopatra Slot Machine

Cleopatra slot is a machine developed by the giant of gambling industry, the IGT company (specialized in gaming machines) is a popular creator of video slots. Players from the whole world like the theme of Ancient Egypt, that is why developers didn't miss the opportunity to create something exciting and attractive.

The popularity of this video slot isn't unfounded. Not every game gets the sequel. “Cleopatra” recently received continuation, the second part the theme of which didn't change. To attract more players, the graphics and sound effects were improved.

Cleopatra slot review

Cleopatra is the classical slot machine represented by five drums, three symbols on each drum. This game consists of 20 game lines, which can be activated simultaneously or optionally. Bids in a game are accepted depending on the limits chosen by each casino separately. Money is put on every line. The general rate consists of the coins determined as a rate and multiplied by the number of active lines.

The gaming machine provides players with the special symbols which start series of free-spins, bonuses and a set of other handy options making game comfortable and prizes big. The special symbols of a game which drop out in certain combinations can increase advantageous coefficients in two, and even three times.

Cleopatra slot online gives prizes, to get them it is necessary to collect a combination from two, three and more symbols on drums. Chains of images can be the winning ones, if they are made from left to right, from top to bottom. When the first drum misses symbol entering a combination, the combination isn't counted. Only the biggest combination wins. Winning combinations on all lines are summed up.

The winning amounts in the game Cleopatra are calculated, proceeding from the face value of a symbol, bet placed on the active line and combination coefficient (maximum is 10 000). Every winning spin gives a certain sum on the deposit of the player.


How to play

Slot machine Cleopatra hasn't got three, it has five drums instead. To begin this game, it is necessary to decide the number of the lines involved in a game and the size of rates. To enter number of the lines and to change the rate size, player should make corresponding changes to the fields in the interface placed directly under reels. The number of lines can be regulated by mouse or put manually on the keyboard. Rates change by pressing on the arrows “up” and “down”, increasing or reducing the size respectively.

After the lines are chosen and bets are placed, player can start rotating the drums. Spins can be made manually, pressing the Spin button. Drums will rotate until the combination drops out on the lines.

Cleopatra game interface

Cleopatra online slots are in English. If you learn the simple terminology of gambling games, it won't be difficult to understand which buttons to press.

The game interface provides players with all necessary information in the bottom of the screen, allowing the player to track a status of his game balance, to change rates and the number of the selected lines. It is possible to select the mode of drums’ rotation and to specify all necessary information about the mechanism of a game and coefficients.

What information can you get in the lower part of the screen?

In the lower part of the screen are:

  • The column Lines – the number of active game lines;
  • The column Total Bet – the stake on one spin considering a sum of bets on all lines;
  • The column Line Bet – a bet on one line;
  • The column Balance – the account status, the rest of deposit money in the game;
  • The column Wins – displays a prize for the last successful spin;
  • The Spin button – starts rotation of drums by pressing on a mouse;
  • The Paytable button – opens the table of coefficients where the player can study system of calculation of a prize for various combinations;
  • The Game Rules button opens a window with the report of rules and explanations regarding game process and game mechanism.

Additional functions – possibility to remove sound in a game. Although, it is impossible to correct parameters of graphics in the game Cleopatra.

Cleopatra slot symbols

The pictures on drums in the Cleopatra video slot game are entirely devoted to the Egyptian subject, therefore even symbols of the lower order are made in Egyptian style. There is no needless information in the game, pictures are quite laconic and informative. Game badges are represented by several types of images:

  • Simple symbols of the lower order correspond to card means from nine to ace. Combinations of such symbols bring the lowest prizes. The maximum coefficient in this kind of chains fall on a combination of five identical symbols. However even they are often not so valuable as smaller chains of “expensive” symbols.
  • The symbols connected with Ancient Egypt – images of objects, collected in one chain, give the player money with high coefficients. Such combinations drop out less often, but in case of completion a combination by a wild symbol, the prize for a collected chain increases.
  • Special symbols – a scatter and a wild symbol.

Special symbols in Cleopatra game

Special symbols in video slot Cleopatra are two special images – the ruler Cleopatra and Sphynx.

Cleopatra is a wild symbol. She acts, as well as other symbols: when the chain of queen's pictures is collected it is possible to receive prizes with big coefficients. Besides, the wild card fills in a missing link in a winning combination on the line. When there are few possible combinations, Cleopatra fills the most valuable chain. In this case the winning coefficient for a combination doubles.

Scatter is Sphynx, it brings remunerations regardless of the line on which it is located. Even if the line isn't active, the prize sum for loss of a symbol is guaranteed. Scatter also participates in creating combinations, beginning from two symbols in a row. When there are three Sphynx pictures on a wheel, series of free spins are started. Player can have 15 free rotations of the drum where combinations are only counted on active lines at the last bet on spin. During winning rotations, the coefficient of combinations triples. There can be new combinations of scatters, which start the following series of free spin. In total Cleopatra slot bonus can't be more than 180 free rotations in a row during the game.

Bonus games and jackpots

Free Cleopatra slot games mecca doesn't offer bonus games and system of a jackpot to the players as the newest series of IGT gambling machine – Mega Jackpots. Nevertheless, high coefficients and frequent occurrence of bonus rotations makes game quite attractive to audience.

History of Cleopatra

The Cleopatravideo slot game is a gaming machine created by IGT company, which occupies one of leading places on the digital gaming entertainment market. Gaming machine model which can be found both in real and online casinos appeared in 2011, and it remains popular representative of slots.

Nowadays it is possible to play the slot game Cleopatra not only in real casinos, but also on the Internet. Players can load the electronic version of a game on the website and play free of charge, without downloading and entering the keys of activation.

Many websites offer trial versions of a game, where players cannot win money. Also gaming machine is placed in virtual casinos, where you can play with stakes and get real money on the account.

Players may roll wheels in this game both on PC and mobile devices. Cleopatra slots mobile can function in such systems as:

  • Windows
  • Android
  • iOS

Secrets of a successful game on Cleopatra slot machine

There are a lot of rumours how to outgame the slot machine and to get huge jackpots or big amounts of money during one game. Nevertheless, in reality the majority of assumptions are doubtful. Every gaming machine, including IGT Cleopatra slot download, works on a basis of the random events. Therefore, it is legally impossible to trace regularity or to create efficient strategy.

Though, there is a number of recommendations which won't help to win uncountable treasures, but will help not lose the game, at least. These recommendations work not only for this slot machine but for a majority of gaming machines.

Main recommendations for the game:

It is important to reasonably distribute your bankroll and to regulate amount of bids. Low bids don't bring big prizes, however, they allow to make bigger quantity of spins throughout a game.

The winning amount for a successful combination is based on the rate made on the line, value of a symbol and the corresponding coefficient. Therefore, rate level at the moment of free spin must be a higher than average.  Taking into account that the coefficient during the free spin triples, player will be able to win maximum sum of money.

If Cleopatra slots free awarded the player with generous payment for three times, that means you should end up playing. The odds are that you won't get big prizes in the nearest future.

Myths about the Cleopatra game

There are a lot of myths about various slot machines among gamblers, and Cleopatraslot play game isn't an exception. For example, some players think that if you don't win from the very beginning, you need to stop playing it and try your chances a little bit later. It isn't true. There is no guarantee that next rotation will make you a winner or the bet will be wasted. Generation of fortuitous combinations can bring you victory at any moment, it isn’t true that in time of your absence you won't lose the chance to become rich.

There are myths both in real and online casinos that rates needed to be done by some specific game pieces at some specific time and in a specific amount. Such kind of myths do not have real background. Moreover, there are no reasons to believe in such things. Machine's configurations, it's program features don't take into account configuration of game pieces nor in real neither in online casinos. There is also a thought that if you begin to play after someone, who didn’t win anything you will be the lucky one. It is also one of the gambling myths. Slot machine doesn't have lucky or not lucky days. It doesn’t mean you will become the winner if someone who played before you lost.

The strongest contradiction of myths is the game itself. During the Cleopatra slot machine game you'll see that winning depends only on accidentally generated events, which are determined by the kernel of the game. Digital versions of gambling machines, the work of which was changed by their owners are the only exception. That is why you should play only in trusted places.

Theme of a game

Ancient Egypt is the fertile field in gambling sphere. The aesthetics of slots, created on the basis of Egyptian legends and myths, often attracts players with its brightness and mysteriousness. Ancient textural plates, sand, gold, and saturated colours of the sky like dark blue or bright blue, create a strong impression, an atmosphere of luxury with a spice of intrigue.

Cleopatra, ruler of Egypt, also attracts players. She was considered to be one of the most beautiful women of all times. She was mystic, charming and at the same time cold like ice, she won heart of Roman emperor Julius Caesar, though it was very hard to charm him. However, Cleopatra became his biggest, strongest and almost forbidden love.

In honour of the queen temples were erected, the cities were build. That is why her name is obviously associated with beauty, wealth and luxury. It isn't surprising that it also sounds attractive for fans of gambling games.

Despite the fact that design of the game Cleopatra slot igt is outdated today, a lot of people still prefer this game over others. Game remains being beautiful and attractive. Developed by IGT – a giant of industry, it completely satisfies needs of gambling fans, despite the absence of jackpot or mini prize-games.

If you consider graphics to be too outdated, there is relatively new video slot, continuation and update of a game. Cleopatra II slot machine can be played both in real and online casinos.

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