Cleopatra's treasures are waiting for you! Rotate the reels of the best slots and enjoy fascinating games with the queen of Egypt!


Free Cleopatra Slot Machine Games

Each year slot-machines are expanding their technical base and bringing new themes and genres into gambling world. Sometimes it seems that in 10 years there won’t be any subject not connected in any way to slot-machines. Traveling, mystics, cinematography, multiplication, science, fantasy – all those subjects are used in slot-machines quite often, periodically going through modifications and minor changes. The subject of ancient Egypt was used in slots more than just once. In this article we’ll talk about Cleopatra, or, to be precise, about games slots Cleopatra free, winning the hearts of players in just few years.

Several Cleopatra virtual slots were developed by American company called International Gaming Technology. This organization is in charge of large online casino network in USA, and also in engages in development and manufacture of real-life slot-machines. Cleopatra from IGT has great popularity in USA, and not that long ago she started to conquer the hearts of European people. 

Cleopatra slot games from IGT 

In the series of slot-machines made by this American company there is a lot of worthy examples, and Cleopatra slots are among those. Down below we’ll review and describe all slot machines of this popular subject: 

1. Cleopatra. The first and the most popular slot of this line. This slot has attractive graphics, qualitative animation, interesting gameplay, high replayability and memorable sound accompaniment. Free online Cleopatra slots consists of 5 reels and 20 active lines. The number of set lines in the slot can be edited before every new spin.

This slot has Wilds and Scatters that we all know and love. Wild symbols depict the portraits of Cleopatra herself an are not payed for, but they can replace missing symbols in prize combinations. If after the spin there is several lines, then the Wild symbol will replace the one with the highest value. Scatters depict Sphinxes and are payed for regardless of their position on the reeland. Three and more scatters will start the series of 15 prize free spins.

Cleopatra slot machines are free, so anyone can play them, no matter if they’re beginners or experienced professionals. 

Free online cleopatra slots
Free slot machine games with bonus rounds

2. Free slots Cleopatra 2 is a sequel to the legendary game described above. The theme stayed the same, as you can see from the slot’s name. Ancient Egypt and the Queen are in need of the player’s help once again. Only the bravest gambler will be able to find the treasures in mystical pyramids. The player will get help in form of pleasant graphics, interesting gameplay, beautiful animation and memorable sound accompaniment.

Cleopatra II isn’t much different from its “predecessor”. It has the same visual and sound effects, but different volatility: prize combinations are dropping much rarer, but the prize for those is bigger. The symbols depict the Pharaoh herself, Sphinxes, ancient Egyptian gods and various cards.

Cleopatra II slot has 5 reels and 20 active lines. After the spin those lines have certain combinations, and some of them will bring the prizes depending on the bet. This slot also has Wild symbols that can replace missing pieces in winning sequences and Scatters that are being paid for regardless of their location on the screen. 5 scatters in a row will bring player a win of 10 000 coins. 

3. Cleopatra Mega Jackpot is one more slot devoted to ancient Egypt, various ancient gods and Cleopatra the Pharaoh herself. This free online casino game has decent graphics, interesting gaming process and nice sound, like all the virtual slots designed and developed by IGT company.

Cleopatra Mega Jackpot slot machine consists of 5 reels and 20 fixed prize lines. You can place different bets on each line. Prize combinations are being read from left to right, just as usual. The symbols of the reels depict cards, Pyramids, the objects of ancient Egypt’s culture and, of course, Cleopatra herself. Naturally, this slot of course has Wild symbols and Scatters. Wild symbol can replace symbols in winning combinations, while Scatter can form their own sequences and bring player up to 15 prize free spins.

This Cleopatra slot machine also has a system of progressive jackpot. One can only get them if the central line has 5 slots saying “Mega Jackpots”.

Free online slots Cleopatra from other developers of gambling software 

Aside from IGN, virtual slots devoted to the subject of the ancient Egypt are also created by other companies, like Arrow’s Edge, ArtGame and others. We’ll describe some of their slots down below: 

1. Cleopatra Jewels – is one more thematic slot developed by ArtGame company. This slot-machine has standard visuals for slots of this theme. The graphics are quite modern, and both animation and sounds are quite decent, so it is really interesting and exciting to play this videoslot. Cleopatra Jewels offers players significant payments, series of unique symbols and various prize free spins. 

According to the developers, they were working hard while creating this slot to make it as interesting as possible. Their hard work didn’t go in vain: the players enjoyed the conception of this virtual slot. The gamblers liked the visuals of this Cleopatra slot game, set RTP parameter and additional games. They say that nowadays the company is working on thematic sequel to this slot, but there is still no official information from the developers on this matter. 

2. Cleopatra Last of the Pharaohs is a Mazooma’s creation. This slot-machine looks really decent, since it has colorful graphics, modern animation and qualitative sound accompaniment. In the first week from the release the slot has managed to win the hearts of several millions of people all around the world, and it kept on growing further on. Today this slot is one of the most popular in this thematic line. In the feedback to this slot, players are mentioning frequent payments, good working random number generator, presence of bonus symbols and prize free spins. Also, the forum of this Cleopatra slot machine gives players a place to communicate on the subject of slot-machines, exchange their own experience, strategies and legends, talk about Cleopatra slots tips, since there isn’t much thematic forums out there.

The developers are saying that they didn’t expect audience to pay this much attention to the game. They are supporting gaming community and periodically providing it with updates for their virtual machines.

3. Cleopatra Queen Of Slots – is one more creation of Mazooma company. Inspired by the success of their previous game on this subject, the developers have decided to continue their triumphal procession and they have made a slot on the identical theme and congenial gaming process. This Cleopatra, just like all other developments of the company, has a pleasant graphics, decent animation and memorable sound accompaniment. This slot doesn’t have anything excessive in it, and that’s what the players enjoy the most.

In their interview the developers told the mystical story connected to the creation of this slot game. It took them several tries to write the code, since the written code pieces were disappearing, and it happened more than just once. The developers are thinking that it has something to do with otherworldly forces, since it’s not a secret that there is a lot of legends and mysteries about ancient Egypt and Cleopatra slot pyramids. Anyway, despite all the problems, the slot was developed after all, and it became greatly popular among the gamblers.

The slot itself has 5 reels and 20 active lines. Symbols are depicting thematic images and cards. Also there are classical Wild symbols and Scatters. 

4. Cleopatra Treasure – is a slot created by GameOS team. Once again the players will confront secret Egyptian hieroglyphs, mysterious pyramids and pharaohs through this game. The developers provided slot with quite modern graphics, qualitative sound and animation. Additional symbols, prize free spins and Cleopatra slot bonus game are making this slot even more interesting and exciting. 

Any gambler can try this slot in online casino without wasting real-life money. Of course, you can play for money, but it has become a tradition to try the demo-version of the game first, and only then, when knowing the game rules well enough, play the original game with real-life currency. 

The developers are constantly supporting the gaming community and making new editions and additions for the game. That’s why playing in Cleopatra Treasure never gets old for people. 

5. Cleopatra's Coins was developed by Rival Gaming company in quite a short time. As stated by the developers themselves, this was one of the quickest their projects. But anyway, despite the development speed, the product came out as really qualitative and very interesting. Cleopatra’s Coins has qualitative graphics, well-made animation of spinning and decent sound. Replayability of the free slots Cleopatra no downloads is quite high, it is interesting to play it again and again, since it only increases the interest to itself with the time, not decreases. 

This slot-machine has classical Wild Symbols and Scatters that are making the gameplay way more diverse. The Wilds can take place of the missing symbols in winning combinations, and Scatters are being paid for regardless of their position on the screen; also the Scatters can start a prize game. 

6. Cleopatra's Pyramid – is one more virtual Cleopatra slot on the subject of ancient Egypt, created by WGS company. This slot has 5 reels and 20 active lines. Number of lines is adjustable, you can change it before each new spin. Also this slot-machine possesses quite attractive thematic graphics, qualitative animation and well-made sound accompaniment. The developers are stating that this slot is one of the best their creations. This slot is really worth noticing and remembering. It is interesting to play it, and the gaming process never gets old nor boring, able to surprise and intrigue everyone even after a long time. To get a simple prize the player has to collect a combination of three identical symbols on the prize line. If after a spin there is several winning sequences on the reeland, only the most profitable one will be paid for. Also Cleopatra slot wins can be increased by getting a certain combination of additional Wild symbols. 

Cleopatra slot games: similarities and differences

All slots-machines devoted to the subject of ancient Egypt are very different from each other. Some of those have bonus games, some of them have progressive jackpots, some of them have unique Scatters starting a large series of free spins. Despite those differences, all slots are connected in terms of the theme. All the developers have similar ideas of free Cleopatra slot machine games. Is it good, or bad? More like good, since even though the slots made by different companies are quite similar in terms of style and gameplay, all of them are decent and interesting. One of those differs from the others pretty much – it is Cleopatra’s Gold, that has 3 reels instead of usual 5. Also, it can’t be found online, it is a real-life slot-machine. 

The similarities in sound and visuals are provided by the fact that all developers are using the same game engines for their creations. It applies not only to the slots devoted to Egyptian Pharaoh, as you can see in out Cleopatra slot review - most slots are built on identical engines, only the visuals are changed by the artists. And if the theme is similar, it becomes really hard to come up with original and unique design. While thinking about the ancient Egypt, one imagines sand, pyramids and sphinxes. That’s why most of the slots are designed in such a way. Background depicts large pyramids and hot sands instead of the ground. The symbols depict Cleopatra, ancient gods, Sphinxes and cards. 

Arcade slot Cleopatra: the future of virtual slots’ line

According to the statements of developers from different companies, they won’t stop the development of slots devoted to the subject of ancient Egypt for variety of reasons. Firstly, the thematic itself gives developers freedom and space for the maneuvers of the gameplay. Secondly, the previous slots of the line were quite profitable, so it would be silly to drop this franchise; that’s why they plan to develop it further on and make it even better. 

In upcoming years all the gambling platforms will have new versions of Cleopatra slots. IGT company has announced the development of two slots devoted to this subject, and it states that both of them will have an innovative model of gaming process for IGT Cleopatra slot game, and, what is really important, they will be different from each other. Rival Gaming doesn’t fall behind: it also announces the creation of new virtual slot on the subject of ancient Egypt. No details are being uncovered yet, but the developers are also promising to surprise players with something really new and non-standard in terms of gameplay and visuals. 

Slot-machines devoted to Cleopatra are very qualitative and interesting slots. All fans of gambling activities and well-made slot games will enjoy those, no matter if they are just beginners, or professionals. Each kind of players will find something to their likings in those Cleopatra slots. 

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