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Cleopatra 18+ Machine Game

Even though all slot-machines are designed for adults, some of them have to be distinguished. Cleopatra 18+ is one of them. This slot is one of the most outstanding games devoted to the Egyptian queen Cleopatra. The standard collection of symbols and prize functions is seasoned with naughty, spicy pictures. This slot is a bit satiric, which makes it different from other games of this theme. You are already 18 years old? Then read this Cleopatra slot review so you can make up your own opinion.

The structure of slot-machine 

At the first glance, the game isn’t very different from other slot-machines. The structure is quite common: 

  • 5 reels;
  • 25 lines;
  • minimalistic control panel. 

But when the players will look on the reeland of Cleopatra 18+ more carefully, they’ll see the reason of this slot being 18+. Next to indicators beside the reels, showing the number of active lines, there are pictures from Kama Sutra. Those are stylized in Egyptian style and are drawn in such a way that you can’t understand what exactly is depicted on those, unless you pay careful attention to them. This is the reason this slot is still considered being a satiric game instead of full adult genre. This design makes Cleopatra 18+ slot way different from all other Cleopatra slot games

Cleopatra 18+

Slot’s design

There’s no more “adult” elements of design, aside from what was mentioned above. The majority of symbols are just like in other Cleopatra slots, including such Egyptian-themed icons as: 

  • the portrait of Cleopatra;
  • Horus’ eye;
  • ankh;
  • Fenix bird;
  • Pharaoh statue;
  • Pyramids.

Reels are located at the background, depicting the building with pillars, reminding of antique architecture. The player can set the bet size using the button depicting casino chips. Payment table appears after pressing the I-button. 

Prize functions of slot-machine 

Cleopatra 18+ has 2 bonus symbols: 

  • Scatter;
  • Wild. 

The Scatter, depicting a black cat, is a symbol that launchers free spins. The combination of scatters can bring from 1 to 10 free spins. Wild symbol, as in many Cleopatra slots, depicts a portrait of main character, Cleopatra. Egyptian queen can replace missing symbols in combinations and gives amazing payment coefficients: up to 2000 credits. One has to collect at least three of those symbols to get a prize. 

Secrets and strategies 

Since the slot-machine is still new, there’s no information about any secrets or special ways of playing that will allow to win. To compare this game to other ones, or to understand it better, the one has to download and play it. To speak of winning strategies, the Cleopatra 18+’s one is based on variance analysis. Since this Cleopatra slot has low variance, it has shown to be effective to raise the bet in progression, coming back to minimum after each expensive winning combination. It is advised to play in demo-mode before betting real-life currency, because it helps to avoid losing your money.


The 18+ mark was not only given for the design of this slot. Using the right approach, the player can get the prize that only adult can cope. The most generous prizes are given during the free spins. During this bonus round the wins can reach 20 000 credits. Despite the lack of prize games and double-up function, the gameplay is interesting and attractive, and it can allow the player have fun for quite a while. The combination of easy control system and nice design makes this slot the best option for various categories of players looking for Cleopatra slot free play.

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